This Plan fits You to a Tee

People like to drink. People like tee shirts. People wear tee shirts to places they can drink. Thus, the Dive Bars of the World Shirt Club was born.



The idea of selling logo branded tees is not a new one. In fact, and selling dive bar branded tees had already been done. So why not take the idea international and gather the logos from bars around the world? The beauty of this idea is using bar logos from outside the USA made trademark problems a non-issue. A simple consent from the bar owners would be sufficient. The only problem became one of production – producing shirts profitably without the need for a large inventory.

Design in conjunction with our friends at Moutain Hut Media LLC



The idea of using a subscription model – in effect a tee of the month club – means that the shirts could be produced on demand once a month in the exact quantity of the subscription base, in the exact number and sizes needed. No inventory is required.

The sales strategy then becomes one centered more on gifting an annual subscription to your tee-wearing, dive-loving friends. A gift-driven business must have good packaging to create more buzz and increase sales. The solution was to leverage the international travel feel with a dive bar aesthetic in the packaging and to add the surprise and delight of free beer coasters with every order.

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