Driven to Transform
the Car Business

The Sun Valley Group (SVG) was formed to streamline and expand the information systems that run car dealerships and their service departments. The business will capture lost revenue streams and build the multi-touch consumer relationships that improve customer retention. The company then planned to retool this data-driven business for the financial and retail sectors just as it did in automotive. Our solution was to create a family of logos under the main brand umbrella.


Helping A Developer Rise To New Heights

Summit is a high-end residential developer that works both independently and as a strategic partner to other larger real estate developers, construction companies and large-scale homebuilders. Although relatively young, the Summit Group has established itself as astute player in land acquisition, parcel subdivision, project management and residential construction, all with a reputation for quality. The goal was to reflect that apex position in the industry in the look of the logo while suggesting the company’s Pacific Northwest location.


Bringing An Uplifting Mood To Old Neighborhood

The Rockwood community is a suburb of Portland with high unemployment and one of the lowest per capita income levels. The Sunrise Center was created to serve as a community center and new retail space that would be a positive focal point in an area formerly considered as one of Rockwood’s most challenged neighborhoods. The directive for the logo was to suggest the uplifting family activities available there, along with the space for new retail or food service businesses.


Studio Arsenal:


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