Overcoming a Handicap

Player’sPass had been a successful golf membership program since 2002. They provided simple online access to course discounts nationwide. Player’sPass packaged two-for-one discounts and last-minute tee-time deals at thousands of participating golf courses. It was a very popular service with both golfers and courses. Once someone became a member they typically renewed several times. It was a very profitable model.



Despite the popularity of Player’sPass, participation was slowly dwindling. The main reasons were because Player’sPass failed to update their website and members began to complain that the site was slow and outdated. In addition, Player’sPass had continued to mine the same member base for many years, so attrition was a natural consequence. So, ironically, over two decades the renewal rate was diminishing because the Player’sPass business was so heavily dependent on annual renewals.



The goal was twofold: One, to raise membership renewal rates to their old levels. And, two, increase the base of new members to make up for nearly two decades of natural attrition to the membership list.

The first step was a re-branding effort to make Player’sPass look contemporary. The fresh look had two benefits, it made the existing members take another look at the program, and it prepped the offer to sell to a new audience. To reach that new, broader audience, Player’sPass partnered with fundraisers who then sold the Player’sPass program via card-based membership.

Blast started by creating a new website reflecting the new brand with better functionality. With the new brand in place, a series of email campaigns drove new traffic to custom landing pages for both Player’sPass and the fundraisers who sold it to a new audience. This effectively added to membership, which in turn increased renewal rates.


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