A Cut Above the Ordinary

In recent years the men’s hair salon has returned to a service business that puts the extra service in barbering that harks back to the good old days. But today’s man wants pampering that is more fun than a straight razor shave with his haircut. Today’s salon offers free cold beers instead of hot towels and services that cater to a new era of male vanity like waxing, coloring and facials.



So, what do you do after you’ve successfully crafted a superb salon experience for the “new man” and then decide to enter the crowded women’s salon business after a decade of building a brand based on a men-only vibe?

Well, the best first step is to leverage your existing customers to get the message out to women that the HairM brand now also has a HairW service.



The introduction of salon services for women created a drastic increase in the potential for gift cards. Gifting men’s services is not a likely growth channel with a male customer base. However, men gifting women was a much more likely pre-sale. Moreover, getting new female customers to purchase services for the men in their lives or even as gifts for female friends suddenly made the branded gift card and the HairM loyalty program much more viable retention devices.

Blast developed a custom pop-up carrier (patent pending) to hold the branded HairM+W gift cards and further enhance the gifting experience. These cards, along with new matching service menus were a first step in introducing women to the new HairM+W salon via referral business.

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